Posted by: ccarls | July 1, 2008

Nick Names

During the course of my life, my family and friends have bestowed a variety of nick names upon me. Of course, none of these were self-selected names. I didn’t give my blessing on any of them. I just became known as these:

  1. El Suprimo: This was the first nick name given to me by my father. I think it is rather self explanatory. According to dad, I was given this name because I “took over” my parent’s lives. (and I was the supreme child of the three.)
  2. Woober: Not sure how, where, or why this name came to be. All I know is that my sister called me this for years (still does sometimes). It reminds me of a name for an old tattered blanket covered with boogers, that you just can’t throw away. (Cross between Woobi and Booger)
  3. Beaker: This name was bestowed upon me by my friends in high school. They gave it to me because they thought I resembled the Muppet character. Combine that with my rather large nose and you get BEAKer.
  4. GBOE- This name, pronounced Gee-Bo, was also given to me by my sister. She tends to call me this a lot lately. It stands for Greatest Brother on Earth. I’m not sure how this makes my younger brother feel but I like it.
  5. Man Toy- This one comes from Audrey. I think it’s a bit derogatory but I live up to it.

So there you have it. My nick names. But don’t forget the last one- BLACK SHEEP!



  1. El Supremo Woober Beaker GBOE (I’m not going there) ….I just got home and at present, I’m speechless! I think due because I’m sleepless! So I’m off to make up for all the lost zzzzzs from the past 11 days and will leave a more thoughtful comment later.

  2. Yes, it’s true, you are Beaker, Woober and Man Toy. But I am pretty sure I have never, ever called you GBOE . . . I’m usually too busy calling you BWOH (pronounced bee-woe) or “Brother Without Humility”.

    And thank you for noting “WAS the supreme child of the three” . . . what’s past is past and we all know who is supreme now . . . Matt!

  3. I like the Black Sheep nickname best.

    After all, who can top those initials?

  4. Very creative nicknames. I think I like Beaker the best.

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