Posted by: ccarls | June 18, 2008

Stale Sheep

Ok, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I’m also aware that I have been posting “lame” videos in the place of “real”, thoughtful writing.  The problem is that 1.) I’ve been extremely busy and 2.) I’m having a bit of a creative dry-spell-a.k.a writer’s block.  So I have decided that I will solicit from you, my faithful readers, topics that you would like to hear about.   That’s right… you tell me what you want to hear about! (Stories, opinions, whatever.)  Probably, most of you don’t want to hear what I think about anything… but on the off chance.. here are the rules:

  • Keep it appropriate (I’m probably more outrageous than most of you, so this shouldn’t be a problem)
  • I will tackle topics in the order I receive them in the comments to this post
  • I will respond to all appropriate topics

Let the games begin….



  1. I’m wondering if you’d consider letting your faithful readers know some of the nick names given to you by your family members and their origins?

    If that doesn’t work, could you at least let everyone know about the time your sister beat you in poker?

  2. Was that beat him in Poker or beat him with a Poker? I’m get back to you on what I think you should post about. I’ve got to go help Kirk hang some bead board.

  3. This needs salt! Does this need salt?

  4. When was the last time you went camping and what did you do? From Hannah Lee

  5. Okay, a bunch of fake Queen Vees have been writing posts using my name and email. I think that is called identity theft. The true and only Queen Vee is writing this comment.

    Blog post suggestion. If you could go back to college what would you study and why?

  6. How did you and Audrey meet? I don’t know that one although many people on your blog will!

  7. Perhaps you could give tips and tricks to taking good pictures Mr. Photog Man.

  8. Tell about your Coca-Cola obsession in high school. Surely you have a picture of that room…

  9. I’d also love to see a post with all the images from your BFA show and the stories behind each one. I especially loved the one with the umbrella and reflection out on the Salt Flats.

  10. Why can we never see the “dark side” of the moon?

  11. Why haven’t you answered any of these questions?? And – are you going to ever make time to see me when I come and visit??????

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