Posted by: ccarls | May 22, 2008

Reality Bites.

Some of you are probably buzzing about American Idol and the battle of the Davids. (the fact that I know that the final two are named David, really bothers me.) I could care less. I think Idol is fixed. As a matter of fact, I pretty much detest most reality shows. Why? Because none of them are real. If you are going to call a show Survivor, I think you should throw a bunch of people on an island with nothing and see how long they can survive. The Biggest Loser is o.k. if you like watching people finally get their lives in order and finally start taking care of themselves. Most reality shows on VH1 are real. Real stupid that is. They show how idiotic people can be when they have too much alcohol and no common sense. (Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Hogan knows Best…all terrible). I don’t mind some of the dance contest reality shows. Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance would be a lot better if the judges weren’t so lame.

Now for my admission of guilt. There is one reality show that I am hooked on. The sad thing is that is was on MTV, the mother of all idiotic television networks. (The Hills, Sweet 16, and The Real World have got to be the worst shows ever produced. Other than Temptation Island and The Swan on FOX) This show was so sweet, I can’t wait for season two. I’m talking about America’s Favorite Dance Crew. That’s right people, I’m addicted to America’s Favorite Dance Crew.

I’m not sure if it was my fascination with break dancing in the 80’s (I remember me and my cousins Mark and Phil going to see Beatstreet (the movie) in the theater) or what. But I love the show. Of course, I cheered for the winning team, the JabbaWockeeZ. Check out this video from the show. So Fresh!



  1. gotta weigh in on the reality tv.

    first – that video was awesome. i’m looking forward to “so you think you can dance?” for that same totally funky dancing that leaves you saying “how did they just do that with their bodies?”

    second – i love american idol. do not knock it. (but you can knock ryan seacrest or any of the judges, that would be fine) i also love the biggest loser, because i feel happy for the contestants and the changes they make.

    third – you should really give “the amazing race” a try. it has won the emmy for best reality tv show for the five years they’ve had that award. it is amazing to see all the countries the contestants visit and they tasks they are required to do. besides, if you don’t start watching it, we won’t ever get to be on it together (secret wish of mine . . . although i’m afraid you’d yell at me if i was too slow at something)

  2. When The Real World first came out it was actually pretty interesting. Now it’s just a naked, drunken free for all. I can’t stomach watching it now.

    I admit that I did watch a few episodes of America’s Favorite Dance Crew. I also liked all the crazy insane dance moves.

  3. wow they really made the whole room come alive- they really have something huge. that was fun to watch. i have never seen that show, but happen to thin nanny 911 might be at the very least a little but real 😉

    and wife swap, there is no way those people could write or make that stuff up.

  4. Amazing, creative, mesmerizing, talented, I can see why you like this show that I’ve never heard of. I pretty much feel the same way you do about reality TV although I have been know to watch Dancing With The Stars in past seasons. I find that TV is pretty much a wasteland of mindless tripe. When I’m up for such tripe I watch Masterpiece Theater, HGTV, Turner Classic Movies and the news. I also have enjoyed occasionally watching Pushing Daisies and The Office, I don’t watch them regularly because I just forget to.

  5. Hey, I’m with my sister Vee. I love Masterpiece Theater. But I must say that dancing was cool.

  6. i LOVE america’s favorite dance crew!! awesome show!! but i will have to admit to loving American Idol completely and i will also have to turn my head in shame that i am addicted to the hills…sadly.

  7. I could totally see you breakin! No one I know has better white boy moves than you brother.

  8. I’m with Sam on the Amazing Race. But you can’t be her partner. We’re going to submit a video together and try it. I’m determined to get on that show.

  9. i might have to watch this show for no other reason than A.C. Slater is the host. . .

  10. Hey bro, I’ve tagged you over on my blog. Get writing buddy.

  11. Did you just say “Fresh”?

    Dudes have some skills! I loved that second set.

    I remember back in the Heidelberg days…being a white kid that could dance was the highest of status symbols.

    Word em’ up!

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