Posted by: ccarls | April 29, 2008

Good luck to the “Crew”

My wife and my sister (and several of their buddies) are doing the Avon walk for breast cancer this weekend.  I wanted to take this momment, and space on the Black Sheep Blog, to wish them good luck and tell them both how proud I am of them.  They have spent much time and money preparing for this 39-mile adventure.

They have formed a team that they call the “Boob Crew”, a name which I love for many reasons.  They will be covered in head-to-toe with pink. They will walk and walk and walk and walk.  At the end, they will feel tired and a huge sense of accomplishment for supporting such a worthy cause.  So until they cross the finish line on Sunday…. All hail the Boob Crew.



  1. I too hail the boob crew both for the effort in which they are undertaking and the purpose behind it. I also hail the name of their group, it takes me to my happy place.

  2. thanks for the well wishes bros – even if they seemed a little perverted. we’ll walk hard and make you all proud.

  3. Thanks for being so supportive.

    I love you!

  4. They amaze me! I can hardly wait to hear all about it. I’ll be checking blogs tomorrow!

  5. I’m really glad Audrey was able to participate in the walk, thanks for supporting her Chris. The Boob Crew and many others will hopefully make a difference in the fight against cancer.

  6. That last comment was from me.

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